Leesburg, Georgia
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I paid for 2nd day UPS wit AMI clubwear and it was ordered the 23rd of March today is the 30th and I still have not recieved my order! Its crazy to pay for 2 day shipping to recieve it 5 to 7 days later!

I will never order anything from this site again.... I called and they have the nerve to get a attitude with me its my *** money! If there is a problem why not refund all my money and I take it else where to a more professional and HAPPY environment.

Thats crazy and insane! who does that?

Review about: Ami Clubwear Dress.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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These guys suck... Buyer beware.


Just curious how it all turned out in the end?

One thought I had about their customer service policies that are obviously not servicing the customer at all: I did some research after I placed my order and discovered that the key players seem to be all Asian descendent.

It seems that they run their company on kinda a fly by night attitude and are extremely under staffed. I think they ship the items directly from China or another Asian country is why they are so inexpensive. They invest in their web-page for sales only and not typical customer service which successful companies in the US do.

It's all about taking the money and not providing the services. The owner is registered to New Jersey and ultimately if enough people wrote the attorney general then they would investigate it which should have happened way before now with all the complaints to the BBB regarding taking peoples money and not delivering the items purchased or making good on returns.

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